North American Studbook Ambassadors

Czensation (Balta’Czar – Coriana (Coriano))
2022 Filly
Bred and Owned by Abby Jeter
Sallie B. Wheeler/USEF/USHJA Hunter Breeding National Championship
2023 Overall Grand Champion Best Young Horse

Photo © Jerry Mohme

Welcome to the North American Studbook

NAS was established with the single purpose of assisting the North American sport horse breeder to better compete in the domestic and international marketplace. It was created by a small group of seasoned breeders and professionals who have a keen insight into the hurdles facing North American breeders, coupled with a strong understanding of the European means to achievement.

By employing the success-proven strategies that have fueled the European rise to its preeminent state in the sport horse world and adapting these standards to the unique advantages and challenges of our market, the NAS brand has become synonymous with quality and performance success with both breeders and competitors.

NAS is also dedicated to support the industry at large by helping all horses to have positive ID. We offer comprehensive solutions in our Auxiliary and Certificate of Pedigree Books  for horses in need of positive ID or that are not eligible in the main book.

News and Announcements

The pillars of the NAS brand are four-fold

Quality Standardization

Registry standards of quality are assessed by top sport horse breeders, judges and professional competitors. While these standards are consistently and stringently applied, the NAS assesses each horse as an individual so that quality breeding stock is not overlooked. Standards encompass not only bloodlines, conformation and athleticism of the horse, but also the performance career and progeny of the horse.


A major function of the NAS is the educational support of the North American breeder. Whether a Keuring, a sponsored-seminar, a sport horse auction or the website, the NAS ensures that each is rich with information and experience so that learning continuously expands for all members.


The NAS gathers, compiles and assimilates data and information for members’ registered horses. In the current North American market, the link between the breeder and the adult horse they bred is often broken and information is lost. One of the primary goals of the NAS is to foster a stronger link so that breeders’ are able to track the horses they have bred.
In 2018, Microchiping will be mandatory for all new registered NAS horse.


NAS serves mare and stallion owners in a friendly, clear and most importantly, collaborative manner without bias or politics.
We welcome comments, ideas and suggestions.
Feel free to email us or call us.

A single voice with a single message to support the North American breeder: NAS is an advocate for the North American sport horse breeder in its vision, its communication, its policies and procedures.