Registration Books

The NAS provides horse owners maximum flexibility by providing 3 original registration books. The Main Registration Book, the Auxiliary Registration Book and the Certificate of Pedigree Book (CP hereafter). Eligibility for each book is outlined below:

  • The absence of non-recognized breeds from the pedigree. Examples of non-recognized breeds include Appaloosa, Morgan, American Paint Horse, Quarter Horse, Saddlebreds, Standardbreds, Mustangs, Friesians, Andalusians, Lipizzaners, pony breeds, etc.
  • DNA-verifiable parentage.
  • Sire is an NAS-licensed, NAS-approved or NAS recognized (WBFSH) stallion.
  • If a filly/mare: Dam is in the NAS Auxiliary Mare Book
  • Note: The progeny of horses in the Auxiliary book will automatically receive Auxiliary book papers. The same will apply to CP book horses.

Foal/Young Horse

To register foals and your horses in the NAS main registration book, the foal/young horse must be sired by an approved stallion and be out of a dam who has received breeding approval with the NAS.

An “approved stallion” is defined as an NAS-licensed stallion or a “Foreign” stallion approved by the NAS office. Foreign stallions that the NAS will consider providing registration papers for include a stallion approved by an NAS-recognized WBFSH registry, the Jockey Club OR the Arabian Horse Association.

NAS recommends that all foals/young horses be inspected. NAS understands that there are occasions when it is difficult or no possible to bring a foal or young horse to an inspection site to be registered. . Accordingly, foals/ young horses can be registered without attending an inspection. Simply contact the office and we will assist you with the registration process of your horse.

Once a young horse reaches the age of 3, it has be inspected and assessed using the Mature Horse scoring method to be approved for breeding.

Foals that do not meet these requirements can still be issued registration papers. See rules for more information or contact the office.

Non-Registered Adult Horse

Many horses in North America have gone unregistered for various reasons, many of which are beyond the control of the breeder and/or the current owner. It is the assertion of the NAS that there is a great deal of valuable blood in North America that is going untapped, both in terms of breeding and performance tracking simply because horses are not registered. The NAS would like to help with this problem by working with owners to uncover and verify pedigrees and enable owners to present and register their adult horses, provided they meet NAS requirements. The NAS offers different options for these horses. See the rules or contact the office for more information.

Scoring, Registration & Branding

Scoring Method

All foals and yearlings are evaluated using the Young Horse scoring method, receiving a score of First Premium, Second Premium, Pass or Fail. To assess their conformation, gaits, type and overall athleticism and impression, the inspection includes:

  • Presentation in-hand on hard ground, walk only (yearlings and two-year olds)
  • Presentation in-hand on the triangle, both walk and trot
  • Presentation “at liberty”

Horses of two years and older will be evaluated using the Mature Horse scoring method consisting of one required phase (referred to as the Core inspection) plus two optional phases, the jump chute and/or an under saddle test (for horses 4 years old+).

The Core Inspection includes:

  • Official measurement
  • Presentation in-hand on hard ground, both walk and trot
  • Presentation in-hand on the triangle, both walk and trot
  • Presentation “at liberty”

During the Core phase, the horse’s type, conformation and gaits (walk, trot and canter) will be assessed and scored.

Through the jump chute, the horse will be assessed on four criteria:

  • Technique
  • Scope
  • Carefulness
  • Willingness

The height of the jump chute will be based upon the age of the horse.

The under saddle test, at the owner’s discretion, can be “dressage-oriented” or “jumper-oriented.” The degree of difficulty of the test will be dictated by the horse’s age. The horse will be assessed on:

  • Rideability
  • Quality of gaits under saddle
  • Quality of jump under saddle
  • Overall impression

Score Requirements for Registration & Branding

All foals, young horses and non-registered adult horses eligible for the Main Registration Book that receive a satisfactory score at their original inspection (minimum “Pass” for foals/young horses or 6.5 for Mature Horses) will be issued registration papers. Horses aged 3 or older are eligible for immediate branding. Foals/Young horses (2 and under) will need to be inspected using the mature horse scoring system to be eligible for breeding and/or for branding.

All foals, young horses and non-registered adult horses eligible for the Auxiliary or CP Registration Book that receive a satisfactory score (minimum “Pass” for foals/young horses or 6.5 for Mature Horses) will be issued registration papers. Mature horses will be eligible for immediate branding, while foals and young horses will need to return at the age of 3 for inspection as a mature horse to be eligible for branding.

Any horse, whether eligible for the Main or Auxiliary Registration Book that receives a score of “Fail” or less than 6.5 will be issued a Certificate of Pedigree and will not be eligible for branding; they will, however, be invited for re-inspection the following year (as long as they were not failed for a genetic defect). Reasons for receiving a score of “Fail” as a young horse include a visible genetic defect (i.e., Parrot Mouth), serious leg alignment issues, club foot, etc.

NAS Registration Papers

NAS Official Registration Papers.
Convenient 4 page half size document in a plastic sleeve containing all relevant information about your horse.
Cost: Included with registration Fees

NAS Registration Papers

NAS Passport

NAS Official Passport and Registration Document. FEI approved

This 40+ page booklet is very similar to an EU Passport. It contains all registration and information about your horse. It also has multiple page for record keeping such as: Health and Vaccination records, various potential Federation and other Registry Numbers, Show records, Breeding info etc…
Cost: $75 on initial registration or $100 as an upgrade from regular registration papers.

NAS Passport

USEF National Passport

The USEF Passport is a booklet to accompany any of the NAS Official Registration Papers or Passport. It is not an Official NAS Registration document and once issued, the horse owner will manage its content.
NAS will not be responsible for its content after the initial issue.
It is a usefull tool in which you can keep various healh and show records throughout your horse’s life and is an Official USEF Document.
Cost: $75

National Passport