The North American Studbook will work directly with members to plan and schedule inspections in accordance with the needs of the individual breeders. Inspection dates will be set based on what is logical given the local breeding and showing season, with more than ample time to spend at each individual site. Breeders of early foals… contact us and we will plan an inspection in March or April. Breeders of June foals… contact us and we will plan an August inspection. Owners of competitive horses…contact us and we can plan an inspection near the show grounds on the off day of the week of the show, or in late Fall before Winter Circuit begins.

Since sites are added on an as needed basis, check back with us regularly to see when new sites are added or contact us to see about hosting a site in your area.

Each site will be a minimum of a one half-day event plus a pre-inspection get-together whenever posible. Since the goal of each inspection is education and information, the night before each inspection, the NAS will host a social meeting to acquaint members with the site judge, what they can expect from the following day in detail and a general discussion of breeding and sporthorses. This meeting is intended as a town hall meeting so that breeders can discuss, collaborate and share experiences all in an effort to improve collectively as a group.

We can also offer inspection of horses at the Young Horse Show events. Please contact the YHS office ( for a schedule.

Hosting An NAS Inspection Site

The NAS will partner with our members to bring sites to local areas. Inspections can be either private or open to the public. At each inspection, the NAS will send 1 director plus a sport horse judge.

To coordinate a site, hosts will need to facilitate:

  • An inspection of a minimum of 10 horses unless the site is part of tour already scheduled
  • Access to an arena with proper footing (min. 120 feet by 80 feet).
  • The supply of jump standards, poles and/or panels to set up a jump chute comprised of three jumps, including a closed end to the chute.
  • Stabling for inspection horses (if necessary)
  • The availability of a professional handler

Interested in setting up an inspection in your area?
Please e-mail the NAS office for further details.