Why microchip your horse?

Microchips are only about the size of a grain of rice but hold electronic data that provides a reliable way to verify a horse’s identity. All horses competing at USEF events must have a 15-digit ISO-compliant 11784/11785 microchip. They can be safely implanted in foals and in adult horses.

No more hunting for a thermometer!
Take monitoring your horse’s health to the next level!

How are Bio-Thermo® microchips different from other microchips?

In addition to being able to verify a horse’s identity, Bio-Thermal microchips take horse welfare a step further by letting you monitor your horse’s temperature within one-tenth of a degree, meaning you can more easily keep an eye on your horse’s health. (see more information below)

How do I get Bio-Thermo microchip for my horse?

Contact us to order a Bio-Thermo microchip for your horse. Once you have receive it, your vet will be able to implant the microchip. This process is done with a needle, implantation is quick and no anesthesia is required.

Merck Animal Health’s Bio-Thermo® Microchips

Bio-Thermo microchips contain a patented built-in temperature biosensor[1], and are therefore able to measure a horse’s temperature at the implantation site. It is an easy, safe, and quick alternative method of taking multiple temperature measurements.

Bio-Thermo microchips[2,3] are Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) systems which offer unique and unalterable identification for horses. The microchip is a passive transponder, each about the size of a grain of rice, programmed with a unique 15-digit identification number compatible with ISO Standards 11784 and 11785.

  • The 15-digit identification number can be read by universal or ISO compliant readers
  • Microchip temperatures from Bio-Thermo microchips can be read by our universal scanners Global Pocket ReaderTM Plus (GPR+) or the HomeAgain® microchip readers
  • When used in conjunction with the EquiTrace® app, temperatures can be quickly recorded and monitored in an easy to read chart located directly within the app

With the Bio-Thermo microchip, you can instantly read, graph and monitor your horse’s temperature, making life easier and providing a tool to help identify illnesses early and monitor disease outbreaks.

EquiTrace Appa dynamic new platform for horse identity, traceability, and health

Created by horse people, for horse people, the EquiTrace app works with Bio-Thermo microchips to scan records, map GPS location, and allow safe and convenient contactless temperature monitoring. It can also be programmed to set vaccination, worming, and medication reminders; recognizes over 1000 medications from barcode alone, and provides real-time data and rapid access to stored information in a central location, reducing paperwork and streamlining routines to help improve your horse’s health monitoring and medical care.

Pricing and Order Form

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